Testimonial #2

"just attended the best play I've seen in a long time....The Restaurant!! Well directed by Mrs. Theresa Crabtree-White! Looking forward to the next production!"  December 1, 2012 Angelique Chenelle Cole , Indianapolis, IN

Innovative Anointed Ministries (I-AM) is owned by local playwright, Theresa White. She is assisted by her husband. They have both had a united love for drama for many years


Innovative Anointed Ministries is a drama productions ministry that desires to use theatre to ministry healing to hurting individuals. We also hope to give the community a productive way to express their gifts/talents. With each production, our hope is that we would shed the light as well as encourage participants o seek assistance, beyond what our plays may be able to offer, if needed.

We do so by link them with the proper community resources.We pride ourselves on continuing to be an Innovative community theater company that supports the work of independent actors and performers. We enjoy working with fresh, new talent. We are also proud to present theater productions with live music including plays with drama, comedy and mystery.


We are always looking for new volunteers for our productions. We hold open auditions for all our productions. And we are constantly working to develop productions that stretch our abilities.


We are looking forward to what is in store for Innovative Anointed Ministries (I-AM) in the future.


Please consider donating.


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